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Attack The Block

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MODS CAN U STICKY THIS THREAD? Or at least one of the attack the block threads. My review below.............


This was the best movie I have seen in theatres this year it has that goonies, monster squad nostalgia with more edge, it reminds me of those Scary Stories For Sleepovers books I use to read as a kid due to the violence amongst the young cast. I havnt seen a classic movie in a long time that was great from start to finish with no flaws until last night. You connect with these characters from the very first opening scene rooting for them especially moses(the leader). It has very lil subtle humor that serves it purpose but not over the top like some of these movies you see today*cough*transformers*cough*, there is nothing cheesy about this. Some of the dialoguge is even surprising at times Example:Moses states the aliens were sent to the hood by the government to 🤬 black people cause we werent killing each other fast enough.I only wish this movie had more promotion here in the US, I was the only one in the theatre watching it. Go out and support it while its in theatres I vouch for it to the fullest.

ATTACK THE BLOCK>Super 8 by a landslide.