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House Ni99a

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🤬 , self hater, every now n then house 🤬
cause I speak without slang like them loud mouth 🤬
Im not real cause I dont single every white man out 🤬 ?
I got out the hood, get paid good, and dress nice
and for that I aint black enough need to act less white?
House 🤬 cause Id rather be responsible for my own 🤬
accept my own mistakes, be a man to my own kids
Drive a prius instead of beamer, got the head of a dreamer
a human race is the same believer.
Well if you dont like me I dont like you neither.
Either im right or you wrong aint no in betweeners.
Call me a 🤬 cause I play ball for a livin
take care of my kids, pay bills, and marry my women.
You kiddin? I live in hood still and for that you call me a dumb 🤬 .
Make your mind up, you cant see the big picture got the blinds up
Said 🤬 workin for them crackers, im'a tote them nines up
black fist im puttin mines up, Im proud but aint no hit or miss with me
Yea i acknowledge what happened throughout history
but them 9 year old white kids aint did 🤬 to me
mexicans, asians, how they stoppin my goals
I guess yall want me to cop a rock and start choppin them O's
got an cop a glock and start coppin the gold
I aint arguin naw, their is racist crackers in power
there is some in the media who white wash pack us in powder
but right now 🤬 we growing stop actin like cowards
the poors the minority white and black is the same then
the rich aint 🤬 with you broke cats, who accounts is caved in
So one white man not givin you the job speaks for the whole race now?
I think not you scapegoatin with your face down
We on the same rock and the Earth is this place clown
So I stand for the good of all men, rather be ballin then name callin
we all human... whos the same all them, to prove this all non racists yea ill save all them
stand for what I believe, bleed to achieve prosperous times
look foward cause you cant move caught in the times
I aint sayin forget about us pickin cotton in lines
But now things done changed 🤬 and we aint even hopped in the prime
you grow when its love not hate blockin your mind
hate those that hate you the other way your the rotten and blind
So house 🤬 why not, I stand in top of the line
cause ill be a 🤬 so my people stop poppin the iron
pick up a book, you aint changing then you probably a crook
robbin the youth of they own mind, dont give em a look
let em judge for theyself, not shed blood for they wealth
hate is a sludge to your health
when I die ill be happy I got love for myself.


  • And Step
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    Let it go, money. Let it go.
    You don't really understand what a house 🤬 is.
  • TheCATthatdidntDIE
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    damn man, that is some powerful stuff. angry, yet keepin your cool, great points, great rhyme scheme. your point came across better than ive seen in a long time
  • Tupacfan
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    Hey, its good you use poetry as an outlet to vent on things that sometimes we don't touch on.. Its what I love about poetry.

    And u know, ur rhyme scheme was on point! Keep the creativity flowing and keep droppin em here because I read everyones material haha.