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Jay Electronica - Pre-Act II [The Essentials] (2-Disc)



  • motempestmotempest Posts: 4
    edited September 2011
    In all fairness, I think whoever's handling his promotion needs just as much time to figure out a strategy where everybody wins with his debut as he does crafting the music. This isn't 1994 & he's definitely not your average flash in a pan artist. The formula Jay Z's been serving for years won't help either of them. There's alot riding on Jay Electronica and his "success" or rather acceptance. I mean shit, Dude's getting his first major record label deal in his mid 30's ...and with the strongest team in the game. If he "fails", the chance of a resurgence of that golden era, respect to the elements raw self-aware HipHop coming back into the mainstream is pretty much dead.

    We all sit back as fans and are like, whatever, just give us something nigga damn...but in reality, we all know that he NEEDS to wait until the time is right. Depending on how his situation is handled, he may very well be that dude to usher in a new energy that will inspire artists old and young...providing them with that feeling they need to keep believing and pushing the boundaries of this HipHop shit for many more years to come. I don't think i'm alone in feeling like JE is one of the only Rappers/Emcees to come along in the last...I dunno 12 years, that makes me remember why I love HipHop and leaves me questioning where it can still go and who it can still reach. That Rakim/Nas/Outkast change the game shit is something that's needed right now. Like, that underground/indy/headphone knock is cool and all, but it's not forcing people to think/ analyze there situation on another level. IMO, it's becoming just as disposable as that shit on the radio slowly but surely...and that's sad. But that's another story...


    Pressures on, but I think he's shown that he's spiritually and mentally capable of fulfilling the destiny he feels he's been put on this earth for. Dude isn't the messiah or anything, but whatever he believes or believes in...regardless of whether I coincide with those beliefs or not, I respect that he does believe in that purpose whole-heartedly and has the conviction and resolve to get it right, despite what the charts, his marketing team, Jay Z or some niggas on the stoops opinion on the matter is. Dude is wise/experienced enough to avoid the pitfalls of the game, humble/well traveled enough to change his opinion/beliefs based on knowledge, strong enough to not follow anyone or anything but his spirit and artistic enough to translate that on wax in a creative/innovative way . That's enough to make me believe in dude...
  • RuffDraftRuffDraft Posts: 4,751 ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2011
    ^^^ Great post, I definitely agree with the bottom of your 2nd paragraph; dude can definitely push the envelope, which I feel is mostly pushed by producers more so than lyricists nowadays, it's nice to see someone who can still take it there…
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