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Conducted (Poem)

Steevie_00 Members Posts: 124
edited April 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
I beg that you tune me in softly

For you are, in full confidence

The conductor of my soul

No more skilled fingers, in dexterity

May string me along

So my pitch is aroused to full volume

A crescendo to high heaven

That the passionate vibrato

Leaves me in strummed effect

And drum the base

So the throb enlivens a heart-beat

Trumpet, too, the brassy nature of love

This music, this emotions’ venue

Is high orchestrated

That it leaves no rhythm for a sad song

Rather the pounding is a rousing

Which has me in tune with the piper

And jazzes me along to a bluesy love

Now is this composition alive

As an arousal is stroked

Fluttering fingers of a piccolo player

🤬 a leading baton’s firm attention

A sensual variation on love’s theme

That is the vibrancy of clashing cymbals

And my soul is lifted, conducted

Heaven’s noise, a chorus of suggestion

And I love, to the beat of the music.