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The World Conundrum (Poem)

Steevie_00 Members Posts: 124
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The world is a complex place,
An enigma of contrasting themes.
Where atoms split & the flowers grow,
Where marble shines & the embers glow.
The world is a maze of questions,
A tapestry of hidden meanings.

The world is a complex place,
Buried in lore & change.
Where motors run & the oceans rise,
Where bells ring & the sunlight dies.
The world is a mysterious place,
A blast furnace of existence.

The world is a complex place,
Encoded with magic and mayhem.
Where tanks roll & eagles soar,
Where bridges stretch & lions roar
The world is a esoteric puzzle,
A shadowy pit of possibilities.

The World is a complex place.
A mural of sheer diversity.
Where gavels slam & volcanos explode,
Where dice fall & wind corrode.
The world is a myriad curious things,
A nest of Philosophical thinking.