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The Bible and Quran; Poltical Documents?

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The purpose of spirituality is to reconnect people with self and teach them what they need to know to be peaceful. I think we all can agree on that. That is what I understand of buddhism. That is exactly how buddhism works for me.

Im convinced that the purpose of Islam and Christianity are much different. The followers seem troubled, confused, or conflicted. Could this be because the bible and the quran are more focused on teaching history and policy than teaching one how to find heaven in this life and peace in this mind? Or that these books are much more political than spiritual? Are they more capable of leading men to conflict than they are at leading men to spiritual completion?

In what sections of the bible and quran do they teach one how to master their mind and own their psychology? Why is it that within the pages of these texts I am not able to find information involving the techniques and procedures of peace? Why am I not able to find information that deals with raising one up out of the oppression of an unpeaceful mind in the bible or quran? Why in the bible or quran is there no information on meditation?

Im not here to debate or argue. I'm just stating an observation. Islam and Christrianity are more focused on Empire Expansion. They do not place much importance on imparting the theory and skill needed to perfect your heart, reconnect with 🤬 , and experience heaven in this life; right here and now.