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We Took The Chance/ A Walking Coma

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I don't want to grow distant
her pictures are heaven sent
the thoughts of the joker's right hand fling
would be next to me would be like heavenly
shes my super sonic gin and tonic
reminding of why she's a diva
she assumes love is gone
but its strong in my deepest part region
where we done something not really decent
reality hits harder while fantasy is driving me on edge
her wet lips against mines
our hearts beating like when we fled the scene
we was the epitome of rocking M.I.C's
headquarters the crew is rocking poetry
we sneak a freak in the office
her leg game was like opening V
my sex drive took us away from sanity
I was 🤬 banging like 🤬 movie
skeeting on her memory
next up a collab of the century
i don't wanna go into details
but that was a hell of a run we prevailed
she's thinking the edible while I'm thinking the inedible
lustful intentions while spike tv is flicking off and on
hotel rooms to vacant lots
I don't want to look and treat her as if she's a fling
she's more of the thing that holds my thought process
a escape from a day where she is urking my nerves
when time is stand still and bills are a bore
games are not fun and people are annoying
broke without a cause and losing concentration for a few
while she dreams of me I'm hoping
i'm thinking of the day we could.....maybe.....make a real collab
just......think....of....the.....*sighs* possibilities
if back then you would've said yes
or back when if I would've said no
or tomorrow where you and me can well.......anythings possible
when you walking without a conscience because your mind is in her lap
while your body is next to her

I didn't forget you