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Goal Orientation

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Prerequisite Information for this Thread:
1. You must hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else. Respect, protect, plan, prepare, and expect more.

2. You cant reap what you have not sown. You cant harvest anything that has not been planted. You have the potential to bring peace and happiness into yourlife for yourself without the permission or authorization of anyone. The first step is deciding what you want. After that you need to determine how your going to get it. Then you must commit to what you have decided and be disciplined and faithful with what you have determined.

3. The Pyramids werent built in year.
The same patience, faithfulness, and edurance that you have in your relationships must be carried over into the realm of your personal development and achievement too. You must approach your personal march towards the individual goals youve established for yourself with peace and wisdom.

Youve probably been taught to be peaceful and wise outwardly, and respectful of what others are trying to be and accomplish. And this is good advice. Yet have you considered how powerful that advice becomese when you apply it to your life and what youre trying to be and accomplish as well?

I've given up on too many goals in my life. I refused to be patient with my development and keep faith in my gradual approach toward a distant destination. I always allowed my ego to convince me that I wasnt where I needed to be or that the path I was on would not get me where I wanted go fast enough.

I've realized that if I really want to do great things with my life I must do so by being peaceful and wise to the path with which I plan to achieve that greatness. If i am to succeed on that path i must be willing to learn grow and sacrfice. I must be patient with the path. I must destroy my ego before I begin the path; I must discard anything and anyone that cannot be part of my elevation.

I wanted to share this after a decision I made recently that involves me making a return to college and finishing a path i started long ago yet was unable to complete because I wasnt mature enough for it. The information I shared in this thread is part of what differentiates what I was then from what I am now. It is also a part of why I will be successful this go round.

It took me twenty eight years to realize what I need to know in order to achieve what I want to achieve in life. How long will itl take you?