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Quantum Mechanics: Proof 🤬 Created The World By His Mind?

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Some ancient African Tribal beliefs say that "🤬 " created the world with the power of his mind by creating the first substance- magnetism. This experiment called Quantum Mechanics shows that small particles are moved by just looking and observing...

Quantum Mechanics
Subatomic particles are so small they can't be seen by the naked eye or even with a microscope. Physicists know that subatomic
particles exist because of the trails they leave behind on the photographic plates. The photographic plates are used to record the
Unified Field experiments inside of particle accelerators.
In the particle accelerator experiments, physicists discovered something amazing. The trails of the subatomic particles only showed
up on the photographic plates when there were people observing the experiments. When the scientists were out to lunch, no one
was observing the Unified Field experiments. Nothing showed up on the photographic plates of the experiments that took place
while they were out to lunch.
This basic discovery showed scientists that when attention is focused on the Unified Field, waves of energy change into particles.
Conversely when our attention is not focused on the Unified Field, no particles materialize. Our attention when focused on the
Unified Field is actually enough to change a wave to particle. These experiments prove that the universe is essentially mind stuff of a
Great Intelligence beyond our own.
Scientists have shown that our attention or mental activities actually transform themselves into molecules called neuropeptides. These
neuropeptides are not only found in the brain but in every cell of the body.
Neuropeptides are the chemical messengers of our thought patterns to the cells in our bodies. Whatever we focus our attention on
not only makes a difference in our body chemistry and health but what we actually draw into our life experience.
When we place our attention on all the positive qualities of the Unified Field, The Field of all Possibilities, these qualities manifest in
our awareness and in our body chemistry and health. The process of materializing particles, peptides or planets into existence by the
focusing of mental activity on the Unified Field is called Quantum Mechanics.