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The Perfect Life

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All smiles and all appraises
dazed and amazed
laid out plans and no delays
marriage is perfect
tv is perfect
smiley faces without a trace of deserted
no bit of worry and no bit of trouble
double the excitement and crumble the trouble
the astonished world beyond the pupils
experience spongebob and how perfect he's living
reality tv with a good ending
happy couples loving and not having a disagreement
no such thing as divorce....even if there was one
why have it bring you down?
chill out with the rest of the cast
get high and pass the tedious task of not having a blast
women are perfect no fatty tissue
no issues and they are yellow bones like gucci's lemonade
white like the pure definition
sandy like the beach in the vision of the sun
concentration camp for the wicked insane
the losers, the big ones, the dark and the bland
the lack there of and the Hollywood stand ins
begin a new beginning for the position of power
no job loses recession is a sign of big businesses going smaller
screw the losers that can't get by or from a 9 to 5
they are not included
illusion impaired and repaired by the news
so many happy happy people
not enough sadness
not severe like the 90's with the keep it real dialect
the 80's with Reaganomics
and other forms of different prospect
happy obsess neglected people
we don't have no problems we ARE FINEEEEE

too bad the person on the other side of the tv isn't

depressed, isolated, self inflicted hatred
broke and unappealing
families are ill
society believes that truth is revealed
but false lies are concealed
lack of prophets without signs of belief
different versions of fantasy
but not a bit of relief
nothing deep to think of
red pill blue pill won't pay the bills
every yoke is broken
and every spell is cast
childless nothing
bastard landfills
welcome to The Perfect Life.....

Where Life Seems........Perfect?