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"After 9/11 we pretty much dropped that race stuff"

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But what would you expect from O'Reilly anyway?

If that's the case racism ended in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I couldn't argue with someone that says something like that. I just can't take him serious.


  • ThaChozenWun
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    Bill has got to be either one of the dumbest honkeys in the world or enjoys gettin under peoples skin, well we know he does that but sometimes I think he believes the 🤬 he sayin, Sharpton and O'reilly should join up together though cause they both are jokes to their race.
  • playmaker88
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    Lol you crew.. and i know it was easy to understand because i wrote it.. . I swear Bill Orielly dome is Jimmy Neutron size with his ego,... Typicall bill racially dense...
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