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LADY GAGA! She Gets Her Inspiration From??

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Doing his early 70's Ziggy Stardust phase were he got very,very, very weird. He took on this persona of a space alien that comes to Earth to big a rock star and the fans Ate it up! at the same time he came out of the closet as OPENLY BI-SEXUAL!

model, dancer, singer extovert hanging out in the undeground NY club scene with a yearning to be FAMOUS. this is true of Gaga who made it but it sounds just like MADONNA in the late 70's and early 80's! Gaga has always denied the comparison that its very valid! especially during her pony tailed Cones on the breast phase like this

of the rock band QUEEN. it was a open secret in his era that he was flamboyantly extra Flaming 🤬 . he was good at Stadium Rock! with unforgettable classics like WE WILL ROCK YOU and ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. he was able to merge The big sound of Rock with the funky sounds of disco and pull it off and of course a grandiose stage present!

Sonically Gaga sounds most like her. In songs like The Edge Of Glory in the way her musical phrasing and that house kick drum on the 1,2, 3 and 4. feels like Donna Summer singing Turn Off The Lights or I Feel Love!

She doesnt sound like Janet but she moves like Janet from her 1990 Ryhtmn Nation era. Gaga Incorporates reworks of those moves into her Live act!!

So the point is?? Lady Gaga and her handlers have tried to pass off her something as original and its not true. shes a rework of all the styles i mentioned above smashed into a rework for the digital age and selling it to young confused fans in a era. were everyone is experimenting with synthetic drugs, there sexuality (are they bi straight or 🤬 ) and mutli-racial (they dont know what they are what to claim) Lady Gaga calls all the misfits to the party and says you are ALL in invited lets have a good time and they love her.. BUT it aint original!

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  • MurillaNinjaScrilla
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    She 🤬 rocks mang.
  • ItzGravitation
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    this is the first time i used this...
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    I remember the first time I heard her and she reminded me of her more than the people you posted.
    (what does this song sound like?)
    i'm shocked her name has never been brought up. I'm not talking about her style I'm talking about her style of singing.
  • blackrain
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    did that post just say Lady Gaga incorporates Janet Jackson?
  • booty-gif-dot-com
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    blackrain wrote: »
    did that post just say Lady Gaga incorporates Janet Jackson?

    yeah she does!

    not in musical taste like she does with Madonna and Donna Summer or outlandish style of David Bowie's Stardust Phase but in the Tight precision Choreography!

    Lady Gaga - Judas (2011)

    Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation (1990)
  • lighthearted25
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    i cant get w/ this new lady gaga. i mean this new album is so different than her first. i feel like she purposely did some catchy dance tunes just to break in the business and now she doing the stuff she really likes. nothing wrong with that i guess but im not feelin "edge of glory", "judas" or "you&i". as far as who inspires her, when i first heard her on the radio she reminded me of a modernized hybrid of madonna, fergie and gwen stefani.
  • south4life
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    Don't forget Boy George too lol
  • rice n gravy
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    I like Queen and David Bowie but hate Gaga

    she doing something wrong
  • dalyricalbandit
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    I say 60% or more is from madonna the rest is from the others mention
  • molovonco
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    She definitely gets her inspiration from Madonna.

    Her first album infinitely more 'catchier', and I am not saying it is bad or good. Then her second album, while still loved by millions of people, wasn't that good. She tried too hard to make a statement with her songs and I didn't work out too well.

    And I agree that she did try to make catchy songs to get into the business then proceeded to make music that she prefers.

    I'm curious how her next album will come out.
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