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Dis Piff

It's Mook!
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edited April 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
Written to da beat of "Murray's Revenge" by Murs..

I know u been missin it
Been tired of da chicken 🤬
Need a joint 2 get lifted with
Well get up off ya ass & get dis piff

But don’t you inhale too deep
Brain cells burn faster than a tablet of loose leaf
A true chief suspend reality if need be
Seein friendly ghosts but dis ain’t Christina Rici
Naw u can’t reach G, he on another stratosphere
Buzz Lightyear infinity beyond all da madness here
He sees figures like da negatives of great pictures
Could it be another hood rat shape shifter
Ready to get down on her knees & hiccup her 🤬
But it’s moms sayin be like da Hulk pick up ya room
Try to get lil bro to do it but he knew da hustle
His push off got u feelin like he Jordan & u Byron Russell
Try to stand up but da room keeps shaken
Fallin out & dats carpet u tastin wit 🤬 caked in
Even wit dat karma, u still smokin silly
Keep it stricktly Preakness wit dat prize winnin Philly

You copin bud like it’s yo occupation
Taken advantage of connections dat u thought u makin
U ain’t alone gotta tribe to walk dis turf mean
If weeds a sport ya whole squad would make da 1st team
One 🤬 rolls, one supplies another buys da blunts
Homie Donny got da ipod so u’ll feel da funk
A hood dynasty they talk about ya’ll like da Celtics
But ya’ll got selfish & when it fell down damn ya felt it
Donny locked up he a sista now his ass kept tender
That grand theft got him out da game a few Septembers
Da roller got rolled on, suppliers now a rapper
Blunt dude in da Navy tryin to end that chapter
So now u lone & desprate, & yo crews unfurled
U pull an Emmitt Till conversate wt dat “white girl”
Man u had a crew dude da whole hood knew u
U must be so proud of da turn out at ya funeral