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orlando jordan drugs and "takes advantage" of rob terry

Serious Juice Mayne
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thats where they about to go with the whole orlando jordan angle according to people backstage at tna ... if they go thru with that 🤬 ... im done


  • sobek
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    LMAO, you crackin me up right now, lol
  • TdotGoHARD87
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    yo why the 🤬 do these 🤬 writers, bookers, promoters really think fans wanna see some 🤬 🤬 . yo tna is doin nxt ratings. these guys are 🤬 the dumps
  • igotcha
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    WTF? I'll forever stop watching tna if they do this 🤬 .
  • playboy buddy rose
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    i cant believe that rob terry would be down fo some 🤬 like this
  • Mally_G
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    nah b, I gotta pull a card on that one, if I was Big Rob. I mean, the Goldust kissing Ahmed Johnson skit was enough "man on man" action wrestling will ever need. We don't need a full on "taking advantage of" angle. TNA already got praise from GLAAD for bringing Orlando out the closet on air, but they'll take it all back if TNA goes through with such an angle, because it'll make 🤬 look like they drug and take advantage of people.

    TNA better leave that one alone.
  • DOPEdweebz
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    I cant believe yall replied to this seriously...