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I'M COLD by VSOP *written to: Jean Grae-Threats (instrumental)* link inside

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day off with jean grae and a spliff = motivation

heres the instrumental for anyone that wants it

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I'm cold
like that chill that rides down your spine
when you look in your rearview and find
a few sirens behind
turn down the radio
and drive real slow
fasten your seatbelt
until he drives real fast past you
you relax only to see him pull a u-turn backwards and come after you
stupid bastard

damn that cell is gonna be so cold

I'm cold
runs in my veins
I'm cold
cut me and its frozen rain
cross me and 2 criminals come adjacent
I'm cold
blooded is what they're sayin
I'm cold
like the last breath you take when you pray to him

I'm cold
like the metal I'm holdin
I'm loaded
and so is it
the bullets were cold when I put them in
inseminating major pain into anyone I'm aimin at

I'm cold and so is your forehead
when I'm holdin him close to it
you chose this
when you acted inappropiate with my life
by associatin with my wife
"PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME" is what you keep repeatin

damn I'm cold

I'm cold
like that door handle when I put the key in
my own place
hearin a scream
only to see him manhandlin her
they don't see me
I snatch her purse
grab her cell
and text myself
"baby come home quick-theres a break in
set the phone down
pull out the heat out cuz its about to go down
and get real cold now
go into my room
put the cold against his neck
and tell my 🤬

"thas cold

sleepin with my brother?
I loved ya
now I'm gonna blow his head off until his cold blood runs and 🤬 to ya!"

2 bullets?!

try a full clip!
i wanted to shoot myself after I shot them
but I ran out of bullets
i know..stupid

i'm cold
with goosebumps and chills
I'm cold
and in pain
I can feel my heartbreakin
I just found out some crazy 🤬
that my crooked brother was doin to my chick
its over
time to get under the influence
and introduce them him
him is frozen
clouds open
rain starts pourin
over skin
once he opens it
I like how he'll get hot
when you get shot

his breed is magnum and he's my dog

but you can call him cold......