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A passing Judgement 2

TheCATthatdidntDIE Members Posts: 918
edited April 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
Dictators rise
mothers die
children starve
I see all

These streets are never empty
to some the street is home
there is no place for them
I see the desperation
and laugh through my satires

What brings a man to this point
of empty empty fullness
To have your well of humanity run dry
but Im fine thanks

One suicide too many?
A lovers foolishness?
Is there reason to the rhyme?
Does it matter?

Maybe I'm just (ahead of the curve) lost
maybe i heard one dead baby joke too many
something pushed me into this empty clearing

Where the question isnt
can i save them?
Will I?

Whats matter is I see
all of societies faults
because I am not longer of society

I was pushed out of the flow
And I am content with my lot
But honorable in your actions
and in your heart
for I am watching

Rest easy
I can save you from yourselves
But Im not done watching yet

I have to
its my job
to share this
Passing judgement