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The 40th Anniversary Of The Mini MOOG Synthesizer. It Changed Everything!

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Youve heard this instrument your whole life you just didnt know what it was..

in 1971 the Micro-processor was created and it was a revolution in technology. Prior to this Synthesizers were the size of a whole wall in your house and crazy expensive. With the new tech that could take that huge mammoth and shrink it to a keyboard that Musicians could carry around!!

This 8 Min short video breaks down how it changed music with numerous famous musicians using it to create new wierd soundscapes.. one of the best at using it was KRAFTWERK which would deserve its own thread!

EVEN BOB MARLEY USED ONE.. demonstrated in his classic STIR IT UP!

enjoy the history lesson!


Bob doing Strip It Up Live - Notice the Moog 10 seconds to 19 seconds in


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    always wish I had one of these synths but they cost like 2,000-3,000 dollars last time I checked... I saw a video of Chad Hugo (Neptunes) and he had a collection of vintage synths just laying around and I just smh like "got damn just give me one of them"
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    Donna Summer 1977 release of I FEEL LOVE is a Moog 🤬

    Her producer was European (Gorgio Moroder) who was experimenting with 🤬 and German Robot Music and came up with this this..

    it came out in the disco era but its the forerunner of what would later be called TECHNO MUSIC! today they use sequencers, samplers, and computers to do it but in his era this was truly revolutionary!! every musical sound on this record besides her voice is a MOOG chopped, flipped, and processed to come up with this infectious hypnotic smash hit!


    Donna Summer and her Producer Giorgio Moroder
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    technology always changes the game
    that donna summer song sounds hot
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