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You can take a 🤬 out the HOOD but...

BackByDEMANDisCHINK Members Posts: 220
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...you cant take the HOOD out a 🤬 ...I aint mad at ya Aunt Vivvy!!! Vivica Fox has a new boy toy and he is sexy, but looks like a typical street 🤬 . I mean to each their own but you're Vivica Fox and you're dating some lil boy from the block? Although(and I know you ladies have to agree with me here) he LOOKS like he can 🤬 !!!!!(as does FIF)...Good 🤬 ALMIGHTY!! And those lips look like they'll swallow you're whole kitty cat up with one slurp.....DAMN... Viv you might wanna think about doubling up on those Oscal pills cause this young stallion looks like he will break those brittle ass bones of yours with ease...get some for me ViV!!!!!

So ladies, what do you think? Is this guy a SMASH or PASS??? Could Viv or should Viv do or look for better??