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Don't you hate it when INTERNET wrestling fans...

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see anything big happen once in awhile in the WWE (i.e nexus attacking Cena on RAW, or "thee Cm Punk promo" and right away say , "I hope this means the Attitude era is coming back now"

or fans that claim how inferior a product is only to watch it almost all the time...

or complain about every little thing to the point of hypocrisy (quasi self ether)...

or come up with the same names to insult wrestlers they secretly like but pretend to hate with unoriginal names such as "Botchista, Fatt & 🤬 hardy, Randy Boreton" and etc,...

add on...


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    lol hope u didnt create this thread about me lol.76933196-I%27m-out-fore-here-.gif
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    lol hope u didnt create this thread about me lol.76933196-I%27m-out-fore-here-.gif

    Lol i dont even know who you are ;)

    But hey if it seems to apply to you its a coincidence, but hey some of the 🤬 applies to me as well... its all love here at the end of the day tho.
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    I don't think some people really understand the WWF "Attitued Era" and what made it so great, and that was it allowed everyone to shine. and yes I said WWF Attitude Era!

    I don't think some people remember that Austin and Rock were not fighting over the "WWE Championship" but the "Intercontinental Title" These dudes were actually mid carders holding down parts of the show.

    That's what made it great!

    I know that I may get Slammed for this but, alot of people don't realize that the so called Attitude Era was not that great Overall, It had it's moments but it wasn't the WWF "Attitude Era" for me that made things great. When people say "Attitude Era" I think about when Vince made the public statement ushering in the WWF "Attitude Era"

    But to tell you the truth I was watchin' more wCw.. (Dubya -C- Dubya) before and after all that 🤬 went down. By that time I had stopped watching the "E" faithfully and just flicked back and forth treating the WWE product like some people treat the TNA product right now.

    Unless they did something big at the beginning or the end of RAW, the show didn't matter to me during this "Era"

    I watched Heat, Shotgun Saturday Night, LiveWire, ActionZone, Mania. That's how I knew what the hell was going on at the time, not because I could give a 🤬 about RAW back then, but when Monday came Nitro had my vote

    I watched the "E" during the "Attitude Era" and I enjoyed alot of what WWE was putting on TV.

    December 15,1997 was when the "Attitude Era" began (Loved This!!)

    December 16, 1996 (One Year Earlier) this "Attitude Era" was already going down in wCw

    December 16, 1996 - This was WWE

    December 15, 1997 - One Year after 🤬 was still going down.

    Point being.... My choice was the content, and when the content started to change in wCw then WWF was smart enough to pick up the ball.

    So I hate when Internet wrestling fans see something that they think is different or new and reference the "Attitude Era" like it was the best thing poppin'.
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    I say Austin's King Of The Ring speech in 96 was the true birth of the Attitude era, then you had Pilman flashing a 9mm on Raw. I hate when people who were only wrestling fans during that era come in and trash today's product and cry about it not being the same. I think it's good it's not the same. That era had it's time if things were still this way it woulda got old.
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    some wrestling fans need to come to the realization that the attitude era is dead, gone, and is never coming back