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John Coltrane: Animated Sheet Music Of Him Playing GIANT STEPS

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The late Great John Coltrane on the Tenor Sax...

Jazz artist are often snooty and arrogant and view anything other than Jazz as ignorant simple and stupid but this is why. The arrangments and performances of the jazz greats at there best is the best of the best of the best of what music has to offer. Future civilizations will view this and say how did they do it!

you take the blue notes and make it swing and if you are really, really good like Coltrane you got this!!

if you are musician then you feel very, very, very small after listening to Coltrane. you got a lot of work to do!

September 23, 1926 - Died July 17, 1967 (aged 40)


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    Back in the past it used to be like that but today a whole lotta jazz artists are not snooty at all and do enjoy music that is not jazz. Herbie Hancock has long been pointing the way for his peers to re-interpret everything from James Brown to Prince to The Beatles to Motown and the stuff being done today is so good it ain't even funny. But anyway
    I dig the 🤬 outta those animated music sheets. I wish they'd do some for Thelonius Monk's Ruby My Dear and Misterio. That would be dope.
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