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dont talk about good and hope, lets talk about bad and despair

TheCATthatdidntDIE Members Posts: 918
edited April 2010 in R & R (Religion and Race)
hope isnt interesting, hope doesnt have people crying for you, you cant be angry about hope. you cant be angry about good. you can only talk about how bad you got it and other people will sympathize. case and point. no one even bothered to reply to my thread about black progress being made towards equality, but the moment i defend the fact that whites are trying to make the world better too, i got elephant 🤬 prison style. this is just another version of emo kids that ones so hate. over focusing on the negative (as i am at the moment, but to make a point) and accussing as opposed to celebrating the positive and acknowledgeing. and where are the people telling me to shut up? i wanna debate this. or have you (the universal you) nothing to say?
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