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NWA Wildside Appreciation Thread

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i cant be the only one who has heard of this territory of NWA, from Cornelia, GA...

back in 99 when ECW had the show on TNN, i remember stayin up one saturday and to watch its syndicated show also, and i ended up seeing NWA/NCW Wildside..prolly one of the most popular nwa territories b4 TNA came about..

here i was introduced to stars like AJ Styles, Jason Cross, Slim J, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, David Young, Caprice Coleman and countless other very talented/underrated wrasslers...

was lookin up some old ecw and decided to look up this as well..


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    i remember seeing an old episode during my high times back in the day, seeing Abdullah the Butcher carve up a bunch of small dudes with a fork and bent up spoon. I didn't see the whole thing, but I watched that much.