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Look What I Could Do!

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sit back and peep the game i write/
youll feel the heat and flames ignite/
yall still asleep on my name and hype/
ill 🤬 a beat with my veins containin' ice/
my skills critiqued, but acclaimed as nice though/
like a soliloque, im willingly insane and 🤬 /
my artillerys a brain with tight flows/
lyrically, theres none as ill as me, so ive retained the title/

if you want to actually HEAR me spit, check me out at this thread:


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    I think this is decent and I like your use of multis but I feel you can do a lot better than this. The opener was filler at best but when it heats up, you show that you can be a beast if you focus enough. I'd like to see you do a more introspective keystyle in your next verse to see where your writing ability is at and get a better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.