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John Hanson:First President of the United States and He was Black!!



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    Oh man, quality stuff in this here thread
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    Ya'll really think that a black person would have been the leader of this country? Really? When the whole country was still knee deep in slavery? Come on. They were still using blacks like animals and you really think white people back then would follow one of us. lol

    not taking sides but according to the moors the blacks who came here and helped to found the usa werent slaves etc ... they were supposedly moors who conquered parts of spain i believe. and came here by request to help george washington etc to gain independence from the british
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    the amount of free blacks in the the 18th & 19th centuries along with their political & financial impact is grossly under-counted/underrepresented in U.S. & European history. stories such as these are not as far fetched as people think. the same applies to the mulattoes.

    blame Jim Crow.
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