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Changes that need to be made to the WWE

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I'll do it like this: Going to put up the Raw roster as is, and italicize/color people who should be straight cut from the show. Same with Smackdown:

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Big Show
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena
John Morrison
Kevin Nash
Kofi Kingston
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty (At least the gimmick needs to change)
The Miz
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Tyler Reks
Zack Ryder

Otunga is not and will never be over as a credible heel. After everything with Nexus, he makes a 🤬 face too. McGillicutty needs a reinvention, and a better hairstyle. Primo is just done, same with Santino. They're never going to be credible champions. Which brings me to the last one, the big one, literally. Big Show has put in years with the company and is great. But in-ring, there's only so much he can do nowadays, and more importantly, there's only so much that can be done to him. He's never going to get another credible run. He'll be relegated to humor stuff, and jobbing to people to put them over. It's time for him to step back and be a behind the scenes person.

The biggest problem with Raw is the Main Event card. They don't have enough credible people there. All they have is Cena, Punk, Swagger, ADR, Miz and Ziggler right now. Morrison's push is over. They need to restart Kofi's but he's going to be stuck in a meaningless tag team with Evan Bourne. They need to elevate Tyler Reks as quickly as possible, and they need to start a serious rehabilitation of Drew McIntyre. That guy should have been main event status by now. What's interesting about all the current Main Eventers on Raw, is that with the exception of Cena, they’re all heels. This completely stunts Raw’s story abilities, at least the traditional Face Vs Heel that WWE has been doing so much. If they turn Drew face and have him be like Vince handpicked me, but Vince is gone, and I’m my own man, they have something there. They need more faces.

Brodus Clay
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater

Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Sin Cara
Sin Cara (II)
Ted DiBiase
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd

Wade Barrett
Yoshi Tatsu

Brodus Clay? Really? Really? Just plain no. Khali is a monster, when they book him right. But the thing with Khali is that he just looks so ungainly when he’s walking, and he’s so slow in the ring, it’s ridiculous. Heath Slater? See David Otunga’s reasoning. Trent Barreta just needs to be repackaged, possibly. Same with Tatsu, though they’re going for an edgier Tatsu angle on Superstars and NXT, two shows that should be destroyed, in favor of just having Tough Enough.

Smackdown’s problem is that they have too many main eventers. Christian, Cody Rhodes (On the greatest run of his life right now), Daniel Bryan (who’s being horribly booked), Ezekiel Jackson (Who’s a smaller slightly less destructive WSM), Kane, Mark Henry, Randy Orton (Who shouldn’t get the title belt back until 2012), Sheamus, and Wade Barrett.

Either port some people back to Raw, or start making amazingly credible storylines, instead of the shittiness that Randy VS Christian turned into. Ezekiel Jackson isn’t going to get the WHC for a while. And by a while, I mean, he shouldn’t get that title until mid 2012. He needs to work on mic skills like crazy. Kane can’t be on a tear that much, unless they bring him back special to go after Mark Henry and he’s a transitional champion for 2 months to drop the belt to someone like Barrett.

Honestly, Wade Barrett and Sheamus are two stars who that show could be built around. The problem, unfortunately, is that the show is built around my third favorite alive wrestler, and one of my top 8 dead or alive, Randall Keith Orton. And having Orton in a feud with Barrett for the WHC is...wait, I’ve seen that one before way too recently. Randy needs to take a step back for a while. They should have him get injured, either at Hell in a Cell this sunday or at Vengeace in two weeks. Keep him off TV for a few months, that’ll rebuild momentum for him, for the Rumble, if they decide to go with an Orton/Taker Wrestlemania, which is a possibility.

Raw should be booked thusly (Till WM 28): (Main Event)
ADR takes the belt from Cena at HIAC. Cena rematch at Vengeance. ADR retains. Cue Drew face turn. Drew goes on a tear, and at Survivor Series, challenges, along with Dolph Ziggler (who’s dropped the US Championship to either Swagger or Alex Riley) for a triple threat falls count anywhere. ADR retains. TLC comes around. Drew challenges again, along with John Cena, in a Tables match. ADR retains again. 

ADR is now being built as a credible WWE Champion. The Title itself, by being continuously held for an extended (Compared to recently) period of time, loses that controversy. CM Punk is going to be busy with Laurinitis and Kevin Nash, so he’ll be out of the title picture. ADR is saying that nobody can beat him. He is greatness and it is his destiny.

Cue Downstait’s I Came to Play. At survivor series, we should have a team nash and a team punk fight, so The Miz should have been in that. Miz should now challenge for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble. He should lose.

Elimination Chamber people: ADR, The Miz, John Cena, CM Punk, Kevin Nash, and Drew McIntyre. Kevin Nash has had all this time to shake the rust off, so he should be good to go for a main event match. At the Elimination chamber, ADR loses the title to Punk or Drew. Depending on how people start rallying to kevin Nash, possibly Nash. This sets up a rematch at WM, possibly with the Royal Rumble winner, depending on how they do that, considering Daniel Bryan the SD Money in the Bank briefcase. Cena is obviously out due to the Rock, so he can’t win.

Smackdown should be booked thusly (Till WM 28): (Main Event)
MH retains over Randy. At Vengeance, they add Christian, and triple threat match, and MH retains again. He also pummels Randy, taking him off TV for 3+ Months. Or they weaken him, and that Friday Cody Rhodes takes him out as payback for last friday’s SD. Christian’s one more match campaign is officially deaded. New no 1 contender series. Say...beat the clock. Tie between Wade Barrett and Kane. They go at it, and Kane beats Wade Barrett. Kane and Mark Henry at Survivor series. Kane wins. Also at Survivor Series is a Team Barrett versus Team Sheamus survivor series. Captain of the winning team is new no 1 contender. Sheamus wins. Sheamus versus Kane at TLC in a Chairs match. Kane loses to Sheamus. Christian reignites feud with Sheamus, but Barrett says that he’s been cheated twice now and he wants the title badly. Teddy Long says that that’s fair, so he creates a triple threat No 1 contender match. Without Christian and Barrett though. It’s between Cody Rhodes (Still IC Champ, btw), Mark Henry, and Ezekiel Jackson. Mark Henry wins, and it’s now a fatal four way. Sheamus retains at the Royal Rumble. Elimination Chamber people: Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Kane, Cody Rhodes (Drops the IC title to Sin Cara), Christian/Jackson.

Now here I’d go either of two ways:

Sheamus retains. Wade makes a fuss and is put in as the opponent for WM 28. Match is about to start, Daniel Bryan cashes in.

Wade wins. Sheamus rematch clause. Match is about to start at WM 28, Daniel Bryan cashes in.

Personally I’d go with the former, because Daniel Bryan is going to win at Wrestlemania 28 no matter which choice you go with. This saves Wade Barrett’s first title reign from being 1 month, when the least he should have it for is 5 months.

By eliminating the people listed, they can regrow the mid card and the tag team division, the latter of which is in serious need of some attention. Long gone are the days of E&C and Rated RKO and JeriShow and ShowMiz or MNM. Now we get....Air Boom.



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    not reading all of that but i got the idea
    personally i feel they need change these sets. raw and smackdown having the same set is wack, not to mention they been using the same ppv sets for 3 years
    also a lot of these gimmick ppvs have to go. hiac,elimination chamber, over the limit, etc.
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    a new inventive creative team would be better...
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    Na don't like some of those ideas
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    They need to reestablish credibility for these mid card titles

    After orton loses have him face Cody Rhodes in a match for the IC title

    Keep Mark Henry on a tear until Wrestlemania....I would really like to see him really unstoppable, i want to see him destroy Cena....that would really put him over....
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    Care to explain ksmart?

    And m. inferno, if Henry keeps the WHC until WM 28, he's facing Daniel Bryan for it. Personally Daniel Bryan should win at Wrestlemania. I think part of the awesomeness of Money in the Bank is that no one has ever lost a MiTB contract cash in match.

    Also, how can he feud with Cena if they're on different brands? Or do you mean a one off match on the Raw Super Show?
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    In addition, I do have to agree with already home, a change up of the sets would be nice.

    There's no gimmick behind Over the Limit though, none of the matches get special stipulations, like Extreme Rules or HiAC.
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    Care to explain ksmart?

    And m. inferno, if Henry keeps the WHC until WM 28, he's facing Daniel Bryan for it. Personally Daniel Bryan should win at Wrestlemania. I think part of the awesomeness of Money in the Bank is that no one has ever lost a MiTB contract cash in match.

    Also, how can he feud with Cena if they're on different brands? Or do you mean a one off match on the Raw Super Show?

    yeah i one off match against Cena where he destroys him just to show off his dominance....it'll make Bryan seem like the ultimate underdog with a very slim chance of winning the title at WM.....but my money is on Orton getting it back by then anyways
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    m. inferno wrote: »
    They need to reestablish credibility for these mid card titles

    this right here, plus get rid of brand splits, combine whw and wwe title, reastablish a tag team divison, get smackdown off friday nights, turn orton back heel cause he sucks as a face etc.
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    they need Thursdays again BAD....or Live on tuesdays would be even better
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    JTG ain't been the same since Shad marty jennety'd him..... a dayum shame.

    They also need to create some solid tag teams too. & yeah Raw gotta do something with their main event cards. 🤬 is sooo predictable & mundane now :(
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    The 6 on 6 tag match was just plain 🤬 , to be honest.