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Nix - Decisions (New Mixtape Joint - Feedback Appreciated! Australian Hip-Hop)

nicbroto Members Posts: 2
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This is a rough version of my newest mixtape track called Decisions. It probably won't be up for too long but have a listen anyways. Haha shout outs to Jigga on the hook. Let me know what you think? If you like it check out my websites below!

I don't know when it will be released but stay tuned as I'm working on my free downloadable mixtape 'The Nixtape' featuring the Legendary Lyricist Percee P, Dibiase, MC Losty of the Hav Knotz and hopefully a lot more! If you like it check out my websites below to keep updated!


I chucked this in there too just in case you liked what you heard and wanted to hear something else.