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"The Champ is here 3" vs. "Trap or Die 2"

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Here is a perfect example of a lyrically focused mixtape - and an alpine banger mixtape.

Jeezy - A 2010 candidate for King of the South.

Jeezy has the sound of a mixtape and (eventual album) that'll heat up the summer.
His LP will go back to what made him hot - "Thug Motovation 101.
(Kinda like Nas did when he dropped "Stillmatic" to go back to his "Illmatic" style.)

"Thug Motivation 101" and "Trap or Die" are classics in the south, and got mad ass spins in the streets.
"Go Crazy" - ft Jay-Z, and "And then What" produced by Mannie Fresh showed that he can make hit records with artist outside of Atlanta.

J-A-D-A - top 5 dead or alive and thats just off one LP.

Jada has been one of the most consistent spitters lyrically since he came out.
He's not known for making big numbers, (which he often spits about) but his albums are definitely underrated.
He's been in the game for a long time, and he's style lyrically sound to go up with new artist.

His mixtape "The Champ is Here 3" features more lyrical artist then "hitmakers":
- Uncle Murda
- LA Darkman
- Nas
- Styles P
(He did have a song with Nicki Minaj though...)

These are two great mixtapes that is similar to the debate between "Lyricist" and "Hitmakers"
The IC been at constant war between lyrically conscious rappers, and crowd movers.

We understand that theres a time and place for a cierten sound of music.
But these two mixtapes (released this month i think) .. are too good NOT to be compared.

So which album is better.
Jada's "The Champ is Here 3" or Jeezy's "Trap or Die 2"?