What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Here comes the bullsh*t

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I was watching smackdown last night and I had just turned to it and see mcintyre beating matt hardy down for the 100th time....then I didnt notice teddy long there until he got on the mic and told him that he was suspended....then stripped the title from and fired him smh watch vince just abuse his power and restore everything back like it was nothing that 🤬 is wack how they trying to play teddy like he can't run 🤬 on smackdown but if vickie does something it's all ok.....it just aint the same as it used to be


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    Well, I always said that Drew McIntyre was an invisible champion and he didn't do a damn thing for the IC belt. He may have the endorsement of HHH and HBK, but to me, he's transparent and doesn't count for anything. He doesn't have the "It" factor, or whatever "it" is. But I see this angle as a way to give Drew some sort of image since he didn't seem to have anything going for him to being with.

    But I get what you're saying about Teddy being a figurehead GM and what he says never goes, but if someone else did what he did, it would stand. Hell, even the guest hosts on RAW get pull that isn't even questioned.

    Could it be "the man" holding the black man down, once again.........?

    And with Christian and Kofi winning their matches in the mini tourney, I say Christian will win it since he's always the fall back guy to hold that belt when someone gets injured or there's no one else to put the belt on.
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    Its a shame how they treat the ic belt now days 🤬 who dont deserve who havent done anything are given that belt
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    🤬 drew. i hate his character. im glad they took the belt off him. kofi logically should get the push but knowing wwe.....
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    I knew it was gonna happen now drew 🤬 ass got the ic title back because of vince 🤬 ass smh
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    I hope this stupid ass angle with McIntyre, Matt Hardy and Kofi is going somewhere with a logical explanation. Cause so far this angle is on TNA levels of pointlessness.I was madder than hell when he came out and Teddy Long took the belt off Kofi. All this 🤬 better not lead up to nothing.
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    So at some point in time Drew Galloway was the IC champion having a fued with Matt Hardy.... Wow