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Ok U Got It

# 1 U Want Problems Ay Dog Its On Cuz I Dont Do Beef I Do Filet Mignon/my Lyrics Is Dope Like A Drug Dont Make Me Have 2 Fill U Up Wit Slugz/this Rap Thing Is Easy I Win Wit Out A Sweat Im Bored Can Somebody Give Me A Real Test/u # 1 Till I Stepped On The Scene Im The Top Dawg U Can B My Queen/u Probaly On Yo Computer Grabbn Yo 6alls Battlin Me Is Like A Freefall/i Take Yo Raps And I P1ss On Them Like I Just Drank Juice U Like The Bobcats Its Just No Use/i Am 2 Rappin What Guns Is 2 Strappin U Know That Im Dope So U Should Just Start Clappin/please Dont Start Talkn 🤬 Cuz Ill Leave U N My Shadow Like Marcus Vick/im Done 4 Now U Can Spit Next Cuz My Flow Is Dangerous Like Unprotected Sex

Yo Turn U No That Was Hard

09-09-07, 11:55 PM
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Yo no one waste a moment on this
Just a few seconds I need, I got him

Yo P, I got you figured all out it's unfortunate
I know now you're blind and you typin on braille
But you ain't able to see how bad you look right now
Don't listen to your older brother, he told ya you spit fire
He means well, but here's some tough love...He's a liar
Truth be told ya just gots no f-f-f-flow, ya out ya league on this one
I know I know ya got some gunz, sorry dawg in here bullets bounce
Only one weapon allowed a pen as a sword, only weapon that counts

09-10-07, 12:39 AM
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puncho: well.....ya rhyme scheme is a bit better then somenerve's but alot of your punches and mets are really incomplete....i mean not even a set up that makes sense to most of the lines...but i see the attempts...kinda....

i Take Yo Raps And I P1ss On Them Like I Just Drank Juice U Like The Bobcats Its Just No Use/

what in the hell does that mean???

somenerve: ya flow scheme wasn't the cleanest....but your verse made ALOT more sense than PUNCHO's did...your punches coulda been a little better....no.....they shoulda been better.....but eh...they made sense!!!!!

puncho may think this vote is bull**** but it's the truth....somenerve won due to making more sense....and that is it...cause to be honest...the punches were half ass on both sides...