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WWE in Direct competition with itself

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I know that this discussion has taken place in one form or another but I just wanted to know your opinion on this subject.

It seems that that WWE was at it's best when it had Direct competition, wCw

WWE has RAW and SmackDown.. with no "Real" competition. So my question would be, Why not make your own?

This could be the perfect time within the next year or so for WWE to come up with an angle (NWO style but not NWO) to create a new show as Head-2-Head competition with WWE Raw.

Different writers old and new talents but the show has to be spectacular and mean something. I see this as a win/win for the WWE and this show would have to be "LIVE" yes "LIVE".

I know some people will see that I said NWO style angle and say, Oh hell naw!, Not this again...
but how else would they be able to get this going without something of this nature.

Look at whats going on right now...This would be the perfect time to do this!. The RAW walk out. HHH running RAW his way and Vince coming back to run his Promotion his way. The 2 shows going at it Every Monday night, not trying to recreate a classic but pick up where it should have left off.

I am pretty sure the WWE Network would benefit from this "Greatly" even if it was shopped around to different networks and no one wanted to pick it up, it would have a home on the WWE Network.

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    The consistent 🤬 of Smackdown by RAW

    and to mention the way they 🤬 up angles and pushes

    there arent that many major players around right now...they do need a severe fire lit underneath their ass right now

    I do feel that Smackdown not pulling bigger ratings is hurting their overall product though
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    Dam Bleacher Report!..LoL

    (Click the image to read the original post)
    [IMG]http://ww2.🤬 .com/wcm/en/myconnection/image/surf/surf-aug-fantasy-bleacher-report.jpg[/IMG]

    10 Ways Vince McMahon Could Return to Power in the WWE
    By Imaan Jalali (Analyst) on October 20, 2011


    Vince Returns as the Owner of a "New" Company—the World Wrestling Federation
    Vince McMahon still owns the rights to the name "World Wrestling Federation."

    Perhaps Mr. McMahon could get the big names of the former World Wrestling Federation on his side, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, 🤬 Foley and even Triple H.

    The rationale behind this would be that Vince is disgusted by what his company has become and has decided to lead an army of wrestlers who made the company what it is today.

    Eventually, the World Wrestling Federation (can't say WWF!) triumphs over the WWE, which stands for literally nothing, with Vince McMahon once again at its helm.

    Vince is once again in charge—this time leading a company that has its gravitas and "power" back.