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Damn Its NYC Made Me

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Ever since I was a teen about 16 I chased dreams at high stakes
Sold what I had to sell for what I thought was success
First it was smoke not enough profit in that for a Benz just a Lex
So stepped up to powder that got me AMG and higher up the Italian food chain
But when I moved kellogs in liquid bottles that got me way beyond paid but put my life in harm’s way, I had 5 boros all to me
Almost more than the fraudulent stock sales that I got way too caught up in
Trials came from that white collar game and all know I ain’t say no names, but same names I ain’t say testified against me
DA made too many mistakes in their case relied on you rats so even after I pleaded to more than 3 got probation and a few weeks
I know that ain’t nothing too some but scared me straight
Now legit, got major cake but that cake didn’t come with what I thought would be stress-less and happier days
Just envy, just drama, less friends, no real kats, fake women
Damn who can I trust? I’m feelin rage when things is good, damn NYC made me what I become, thanks but no thanks at the same time

Going back ain’t an option it’s failure matter of fact,
And I ain’t failing again, seen Mom shed tears, seen Pops disappear, almost destroyed a family over a couple of dollars, cause I blamed them played the dysfunctional childhood card, like nothing was my fault
I got nerve, made the decisions I made and caused the beef I had
Never ran though I faced it head on, rather fight than run
Now I am what some would say is on top but it’s lonely up here no matter how much cake, cars, how many homes, and vacation spots
What’s the difference than between rich and no ends, still stressed
Man still lookin over both shoulders, still ain’t trust no one
A mission for my future children I’m guessin
So they ain’t never gotta ask for a blessing as simple as just being happy and not livin a life that only results in death or prison
Have I at least been the difference between right and wrong, are you listenin?

I’m liquor infused, it’s scotch I’m sippin so that my pen release the truths I never let out that at times rip me apart, so no pride
No ego this session just me questioning my sins and blessings
I see through all what the media wants me to buy into
Damn if I could just reach more people I could then talk to just them that been where I been and lived what I went through, so many like me, we seen worse and lived, we must be stronger than them

I swear better days are in our futures but days like this make it hard to believe to be an optimist, so we stay caught in the mix
🤬 gotta speak louder, speak up man, You hear the noise, You see what surrounds us here, and as for free will well that’s been the gift and the curse
I’m praying for blessings and I am thankful, from deep inside I speak with hurt
Under a ton of drama, what did I not confront, it’s all bottled up
This could cause me to meltdown, any man to go nuts
Let me know somehow if this is just the road to travel down for more faith and trust
Homie, where I am at, where have I gone, 🤬 what’s up?

Soldiers of life can take on more and more and are ready to fight
Strength must come from our hearts and battles we won in life
I remember days I couldn’t think this way but damn look where I got and ain’t nobody believed but me, heart of a lion to be better regardless of trials and damn all the times felt like dieing
Sit back and wait for life to bring us something, no get at life and take what we want from it
Put weight on shoulders that are willing to hold it and get stronger
I seen things in my dreams tell me I am living them daily but
no matter what truth be livin on streets of NYC can’t trust no one but me
So straighten up soldier look it all head on, my heart, my all I got Ain’t letting this type of blasphemy take us apart, damn, should just be that drive to be tough, ignore the stereotypes and get the last laugh
And never let the bulls hit eat me all up