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Brain Rush

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It ain’t just my brain that makes me so dangerous

Pay attention I am not scared my hands shake cause I’m anxious

I spent a couple million bucks just to raise the stakes up

So mother f*ckers putting out drag can’t keep up in fact no more nice guy

Straight up suck my d*ck while I puke from this medication they prescribed to

Slow my brain up, fools I am not racing it’s a brain rush, powers from above

Come to me without nothing but trust, I got Noah D plus and I ain’t even

Started my world tour only domestic and look at how much 🤬 we stirred up

They thought it could not be done now look at the new one that’s really all

Grown up, the 🤬 cat that knows no meaning of impossible, a fake word

A way out of what someone else couldn’t make happen, so back up

In fact wrap up, not much longer before all skirts get raised up

This is no buzz I am really the one, so for no reason should anyone else question

The reasons we accelerate like an Aston with Porsche touch, me never fail, me never

Run, truth be known me makes more bucks when CNN says there’s no gold rush

This is our world I made up and now oops look we don’t accept your passport cause

Earthlings press fast forward enough and maybe if you’re lucky you can get just close

Enough to take a sip of what I gulp on, he made aphorism a phrase, so I take it

A notch up aphorizm.com

just for fun, so if you all wondering this is what the 🤬 up

🤬 you up, you probably thought I was done, I even need a minute sometimes to rest

Up but now I’m all charged, a little 🤬 off my smile screams charm either or, so let’s sum

Up the lesson once more, Mr. Hughes we have clouds so rise up and go find out why

Clouds are what creates what you can’t touch, and oh and by the way 🤬 off, and

Spell my name wrong it’s Brain not Brian, or success I am something to be learned from

As I am one that knows when to slice with the sharp tongue and when to listen so as to feel no

Touch, Ray Coop raised me well, chemical composition is crazy we mix heaven from hell we are

Not to be slept on pip pip until we own our island, Freeman to Rock Hard, mother f*ckers Rock

On! This is some 🤬 to applaud and we are just getting started, from my lips to 🤬 together is

Better greed tears them all apart, I am here for legacy and heart until curtain call, and take a

Bow cause we really changed our world and smiled through the worst, cause we know more