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What should I do?

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I left a recent job that i was at for only a month off my resume since it was completely unrelated to any of my previous experience and something I'll never do again. I got a call about the resume I submiited w/o that job, passed a phone interview referencing that resume, and now have to submit a real employment application (background check, drug test, employment verification and all). This job would show that I've been unemployed for a shorter length of time (March '10 until June '11 instead of until now) but it I'm not sure if adding it now would ruin my chance of getting the job (or keeping the job if I leave it out and they find out later). If it helps, the job I left off my resume was maintenance work whereas all my other jobs (including the one I'm trying to get now) have been customer service. I would really appreciate some advice on this.


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    You should put the correct and accurate information on your employment application and background check. Disclosing it at that point would be better than not disclosing it at all. I know people who got a job, thought things were A1 and then months later they got fired because they left out something on the background check / job application. Good luck
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    I would suggest you leave it on. No reason to leave it off. It shows you are diverse. Good luck!
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    Thank yall for takin the time to respond. Well I called the recruiter and explained the situation and was told it would be ok but didn't get the job cuz I bombed the interview.
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    what did you do wrong during the interview?
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    Well you could create two different resumes, a master resume that has a run down of all of your experiences and a more concentrated resume that focuses on the job that you want. When you first send them your job oriented resume, let them know if they want to see your complete master resume, let you know. That way, you're letting them know that you took the time to tailor the resume for the job and am willing to provide any information that they need.
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    @freehuey...I was a lil late and I wasn't really all there because deep down I didn't want the job

    @traestar that's a good idea. I just gotta figure out how to create a good functional resume because the chronological one I have looks bad with holes I have between jobs.
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