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American Dream.

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I sometimes notice how people jus dont get me,
I try to explain usin vaious words n different techniques,
Criticizin my every move, against my every step,
N all I'm tryna see is if the pieces of my life are able to connect,
At times I ask if anyone out there is really for me,
but 🤬 tell me to hold his hand n dat I'll eventually see,
Dat life ain't only about findin your true love,
There's much more like goin through experiences, raisin your intelligence, n doin everything to reach those pearly gates above
But somehow I jus dont get it,
I guess I'm jus ignorant,
N what only attracts me is talkin to hoes and doin dumb sh*t,
Cause dats what surround me in dis ruin I call home,
Pops come home exhausted, it's clearly shown,
Dat he's 🤬 cause he put in mad work n he ain't gettin paid dat much so his work was practically blown,
Man life been rough since back in 09,
N since den it's been nuttin but tough times,
N I'm blind,
To the fact dat I can get us outta here,
Jus gotta get good grades n make it to senior year,
After dat Ima take on the world n go to a university, graduate, n get my fam outdis adversity,
After dat I'm stuck,
Hopefully get a good job n wit a little luck meet my wife,
The one I can spend wit da rest of my life,
Have 2.5 kids,
N raise em till they grown,
N chill wit my woman until I'm f*ckin old,
Den I can say dis da kinda life er'body feens,
Enjoyin your time in dis world n gettin a taste of dis american dream.


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    I think you could add more to this, i feel you could had said more too..

    but thanks for shairng as always!
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