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Please Help Me out With My Locked Ipod.

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Alright so heres the thing....

I lost m 8GB iPod Touch a few months ago and somehow its managed to find its way back too me (long story).

Now it was locked when i lost it so whoever has found it has tried repeatedly to get into it and its locked itself permantely and then it has died. Now its back in my hands, I've plugged it in to charge it up and I see that its locked but there is nowhere to type the pass word in anymore. It just says connect to iTunes.

So I connect to iTunes and it says its locked with a password that I can must put in on the ipod itself but the ipod says i must connect to itunes before i can do anything...

So its a catch 22.

Any ideas? I've tried turning it on and off and rebooting itunes and pluggin and unpluggin the ipod itself numerous times in differet order (as it seems to be the only thing I can do) but it hasn't helped.

Pleeeeeaaaase HELP ME.....I can't live without my beats, the last few months without my ipod have been hell and now I've got it back and this happens....