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Chamillionare Vs Young Jeezy

Ajax McJones
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both southern
both lyrical

who takes it?


  • gum989
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    Cham. is WAY more lyrical, yet somehow Jeezy's albums are better. Is that due to better production? I don't know. Just seems like Cham. is more suited for mixtapes.
  • DaPrinciplez
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    Jeezy is lyrical compared to Cham?

    Wow, when did this happen?

    Cham would rap circles around Jeezy in every way on every subject unless it was about dealin dope, spendin money or rappin like he got the ratchet on him.

    But I still prefer Jeezy over Cham, maybe thats just coz if I want someone lyrical I don't really pay no mind to the South, I just look for trillness, beatz and some good music overall....

    Honestly though, I haven't really given Cham the respect he deserves and listened to enough of his music to reaaally compare the 2 coz I got basically all of Jeezy's music and not much at all of Cham's.

    But say if they were to battle, I think its rather obvious Cham would rap circles around Snowmaaaan....
  • Ajax McJones
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    I really liked Ultimate victory, I for one thought the whole positive vibe was a good thing.