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3 d television..smh

john2009 Confirm Email Posts: 2,081 ✭✭
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i am seeing commericial for a samsung 3d tele...anybody seen da picture on it..how does it look,,
smh..i havent even upgraded to HD yet.....tehn they go making 3d with galsses and 🤬 ............


  • spaceagepimpin
    spaceagepimpin Members Posts: 436
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    u havent upgraded to hd yet........u trippin......that all that i have in the house.....u dont know what ur missing homie.....u can definitely see the difference....especially watching a basketball or football game......fucc a 3d.......they goin a liil too far on that for me
  • sickbizzle
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    i just tried a demo of a Sony 3-D TV at the airport, it was 🤬 . what can be more redundant then a 3-D Soccer game? 🤬 was like an old pop-up book, 🤬 pointless.