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Passion and Daggo

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The red light in the room didn't hinder the view. The plush couch was comfortable yes, but Johnny Daggo thought if he could get inside the little damsel dancing in front of him, he would be truly comfortable. She danced slowly to whatever 🤬 hip hop 🤬 that his son listens to. Daggo wasn't a racist, but he hated that rap 🤬 . Sounded like 5000 dudes doing the same album over and over again. Why couldn't his son get into some of his Sinatra collection? Now, that man, was an artist.

Daggo dropped the thought and put his eyes on the lady's hips. They seemed to be moving closer and Johnny looked up to see her arms grip his shoulders. Oh, Daggo was liking this. He decided he would 'order' himself one tonight. Blow some coke, 🤬 her like he's working demolition and then forget about it in the morning. Then wake up and might do it all over again. Christ, Daggo thought, I'm beginning to sound like that 🤬 Lil 🤬 guy again.

While Daggo listened to his own thoughts, the girl watched the fat italian move his greasy hands around to inner thighs. She disliked it a great deal. She loves to throw the cuffs on them but hates to be treated like some 🤬 on amsterdam's red light district. She smirked a little. She always wanted to do a girl but that thought was for later. Right now, she had a fat italian man who thought his sausage links were allowed a pass into her sacred region. She politely grabbed his hand and placed it on her ass. She almost vomited on his bald head.

"Oh baby, you know, I could get use to you. What's your name, love?"

Is this fat man speaking to me, she thought. She didn't want to hold a conversation right when she was ready to do her part in the deal. But she obliged. Why not? It's not like he'll be talking long anyway.


She said it in the sweetest, most innocent way she could without sounding overly fake. She almost snickered at herself. Her index quickly curled in front of her mouth but she looked down to see ol Johnny nose deep in her 🤬 . This was getting to be too much for her...

"What's your real name darling?"

She wasn't a stripper long, only for 10 mins. But something told her this was the same cookie cutter conversation all strippers go through. She repositioned herself and rubbed her pelvis all over him. Johnny grunted his approval, not noticing her actions. Her hand went behind the couch searching for a piece of tape. She was careful sliding her hand across the back of the couch. Her fingers felt the tape and with her eyes closed as she grinded on him. Carefully she peeled the tape back until she felt a cold tube. Moving her finger upward, she grabbed the needle stuck behind the couch.

"You ever going to tell me your name, baby?"

She gave him a couple of circle grinds for good measure. Or maybe for a farewell. She buried her head into his neck and she almost revolted. His neck rolls were sweating. It was time to get this 🤬 over with already. She found his ear and whispered...

"You're 🤬 !"

Before Daggo could react she jammed the needle into his neck, pushing down on the syringe. Johnny screamed. With one hand he grabbed her hand to yank out the needle but it was too late. Whatever the 🤬 put in him, Johnny was going to make sure he leave her something that she would remember him by. Of course he would start right at the pretty face. He instantly grabbed her neck, yanking her close, then pushing outward. Passion went flying through the room, slamming against the picture of two naked women kissing in the shower.

"What you put in me, you 🤬 !"

Johnny scrambled up to his feet, feeling his legs go jello, but he regained his composure and began stumbling towards the ugly little thing that just stabbed him with 🤬 knows what. He didn't care, he aimed to beating the 🤬 out of her. This 🤬 obviously don't know who she's dealing with. She's about to be a memory. A memory no one will miss.

Passion spun to all fours and reached for the door. She was now scared shitless. Takeo told her that the solution would work in a couple of seconds. But he also said to make sure she put the needle deep. Mr Daggo is a fat man, said Takeo, we don't want to mess this one up. And her comes this fat man with wobbling like a fat zombie.

Just as Passion was twisting the door 🤬 , Daggo grabbed the side of her neck slamming himself, her body and the door shut. Passion managed to get her arm through both of his and began elbowing his face. After two elbows, 🤬 felt his body weight fall against her. Misery loves company. Daggo was out cold.

Passion let out a fustrating scream as she squirmed against the fat man. She calmed herself and looked down. Then she began shimmying to her knees as the fat man leaned against the door. She tensed her body waiting for him to fall sideways and the loud boom to follow. When none came, she spat at him and pushed him with her toe, much like a male who urinates in a filthy bathroom who doesn't want to touch the handle to flush.

"Piece of fat 🤬 🤬 , like I said, you're 🤬 !"

She twisted the door handle and stormed out into the blue lit hallway. Only thing she had on her mind was getting her cell phone and cussing out her contractor. This double O 🤬 🤬 wasn't going to work for her. This was her first and last time. She liked sniping people from distances, not smelling the fat of some old man.

"I need a 🤬 cigarette"


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    hahahahahahaha, wow! this was one hella of a read!! i enjoyed reading this btw!!!! thank you.
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