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Yo, wtf happened to the A Keyes and Beyonce video?

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Wasn't that 🤬 suppose to come out a while ago and then the Lady Gaga video dropped? Did she push the 🤬 back to let the Gaga video buzz die down?


  • Punisher__
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    The release of "Put It In A Love Song" got postponed because A. Keys wanted "Unthinkable" to impact first.

    The former is suppose to officially impact sometime in the summer. So I'm guessing that's when the video will be released.
  • rip.dilla
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    It's a 🤬 song anyways... don't know why they collabo-ed

    They don't fit each other...
  • quietaskept
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    The shouldn't release that track anyway. If she wants to release something up-tempo she should go with "This Bed"