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describe the perfect career for a rapper

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how would u construct the perfect career for a rapper? who would you model it after... when would they retire... what would they rap about?


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    another old ass good thread
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    Selling as much as possible making the type of music I wanna make
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    jay-z. I think he's been able to balance quality music, stardom, money, and doin him more than any other rapper. Take note I said all of them together....
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    A young star is born, as a internet sensation ( 4-year old battle-rap on YouTube).
    At the age of 15, he is signed to an independant label, never releasing any songs.
    At 18, his demo is floating around Interscope offices, and he's brought in for a meeting.
    He's signed to a major label as a backup for groups, but not their main focus.
    At 19, he creates a buzz and releases a mixtape that takes off.
    His dance, the "TAKE OFF" takes off as well.
    By 21, he's released a platinum album and gold mixtapes.
    22, he's signed his soul over to the illuminati.
    23. His old group from former label starts "beef"
    24, He start his own label under his major, signs other artists, and lets them blow up (The Young Money effect).
    25, someone in his family is main an illuminati sacrifice.
    25, the Young Man sells 3 million units in a short month.
    26, He is fatally and mysteriously gunned down before releasing his new, politically-aware album.
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