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How many times a week?

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How many times a week do you work each muscle? I read you should do each twice a week, with 2 days rest in between. How do your workouts for the week go?


  • Idi Amin Dada
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    I think that depends on the intensity of your workouts. We're talking about heavy sets of 75-85 or even 90% of max, over training would be a huge concern if you workout that much and it would happen in I'd say 6-8 weeks. I hit everything once a week.
  • truth spitter
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    If u want to hit each muscle twice a week aka high frequency training..u should have a heavy day then a light (recovery) day...im bulking right now and I hit each muscle once a day HARD and that's enough for me at the moment plus it fits my schedule...but when I'm cutting I usually workout almost every day hitting each body part twice...i also might lift weights in the morning then do calisthenics later in the afternoon
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    My normal is monday shoulders,back,biceps,abs. Tuesday chest,triceps,legs. wednesday rest. then repeat thursday and friday. saturday cardio. rest on sunday.
  • Madbeats
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    I don't do the same routine every week ever. Keep mixin it up and you will see fast results.