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Prom wasnt really all that, was it?

BabyBugatti Members Posts: 9,173 ✭✭✭✭✭
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so i had my prom on friday. it really wasent anything special, i dislike the idea that a spent so much on such a mediocre night, but i mean it was OK.

my advise to anyone about to go to prom.
skip it, really, save your money and get some 🤬 you'll actually enjoy.
i didnt even bother with the after party.

for those who have already had their prom, how did it go?
was it what you expected?


  • weezyfgarbage
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    lol I didn't even turn in any deposits for prom when I was in HS, them 🤬 were expensive as 🤬 where I lived. Didn't help that MGS4 was released the day before.
  • EscoHovNyGo
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    My prom was wack, the girl I had a crush on turned me down but then I got 🤬 off my ass with grey goose an had ihop.. I went to a high school that was lame anyway. 🤬 that 🤬 vanessa.
  • renagade410,
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    waste of money i didnt go to my prom(expelled start of 11th grade) but i did go to my girl prom and 🤬 was wiggity wack lol 🤬 had a square dance competition wtf
  • BabyBugatti
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    lol least im not the only one.
    yes it was that lame.
  • shtoopid
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    Young-Ice wrote: »
    I got my prom coming up in like... two weeks.

    I don't have a date, and i already paid for it...

    was prom actually that terrible?

    smh at the bitter 🤬 on this site. it's not bad, but it's kind of a ripoff
  • jbrooks229
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    i didnt go to my prom

    but tenth grade year i went.. junior year i kept the money and got loaded out the ass and just went out,..

    senior year i went to houston
  • Beast_Side
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    Didn't go to my 12th grade prom so I would have more money for senior week.....One of the best decisions ever.
  • anduin
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    though we had a mad crazy party after our reception or whatever that lasted till like 4 or 5am, the actual event was wack. Bunch of ugly ass 🤬 crying like it was the highlight of their night (and for many it probably was), it was like a poor mans club and at that point me and my friends were already making the rounds of the clubs in the city (Canada-only had to be 18). I know some people that dropped like a grand on dresses, limos and all that fuckery whereas I borrowed my brothers suit, and got dropped off and took a cab home making my cost like $30. My graduation party from university was bigger than prom.

    Moral of the story is: Round up a group of friends, have a crazy house party and maybe just make an appearance at the prom to let everyone know that they're chumps.
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