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How long do you go without eating or drinking anything usually?

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Like AT LEAST every 4th hour for me I need something doesnt have to be much everytime but something, been like 7 hours since I ate or drank anything now and ugh that ain't no good...


  • RuffDraft
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    I drink often, but eat every 6-7 hours or so…
  • Esiam
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    On weekdays, I don't eat until dinner. I get up too early to have time for or feel like eating anything. Then I get off work round 2 so I don't worry about lunch cuz it's food at the house. I drink water all day though. Gotta flush my system.

    I could never do that, especially on a workday I need food in the morning otherwise I get there and barely know what I'm doing. I'd be a living zombie if I'd do it like you do.
  • frostyicy
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    🤬 breakfast. Usually eat a nice sized lunch. Usually something light for dinner. A few snacks throughout the day fruit snacks an 🤬 . I drink throughout the course of the day. Which reminds me I need to go get me some more Cranberry juice.
  • Madbeats
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    I try to eat small healthy meals or snacks every few hours. Keeps your motabolism going and doing its job.