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Custo “Academic Street Hustler”

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“Class is in session, pay attention, come get your mind right/Stacking them Benjamins/ The lesson is get your grind tight…”

Custo “Academic Street Hustler”

Delaware is known for a few things; it’s the first state, has tax-free shopping and you can pretty much drive through it during a few songs on your favorite CD, a Hip-Hop scene has not been one of them though. However, if you exit in Newark, you’ll find a little more than you think of Delaware and an academic street hustler named Custo. That’s Custo, as is Jacques Cousteau, famed French Naval Officer, writer and explorer, but this Custo aims to put Delaware on the map.

Reporting live from the streets of Newark, Custo delivers a brand of commentary that’s honest and raw, littered with tales of the grind and the spoils of the hustle. He refers to Brookmont, his section of his hometown, distinguishing it, not glorifying, from the college town image most perceive Newark to be. The University of Delaware sits in Newark, but outsiders don’t get caught slipping thinking Delaware is something sweet, because Custo is here to tell you it’s real on these streets. It’s on those streets where he developed his penchant for the rhyme and the hustle, then cultivated them both into a style, which following high school decided to direct into a career as an emcee.

Amidst the gunshots and despair, a voice emerged within Custo that told him he needed to be the voice of Delaware and that he had to tell it like it really is going down in the First State. He describes that voice as a mix between Nas and Young Jeezy, undoubtedly referring to his raw poems, but also alluding to the jewels hidden beneath the bass, meant to help the listener survive the trap. On “Clear My Mind” he raps, “This street 🤬 cool/, but it’s got its flaws/What they expect me to do, if this is all I saw/Came fresh

out the 🤬 , been doomed from the start”, a sentiment shared by many of those who feel they have no other choice than to hit the block. Surrounding those lines are mentions of reparations, a comment on the current Presidency and references to how those in the life numb themselves from the pain of what their life has become.

Hip-Hop is more than just bars and hooks to Custo, it’s been an escape of the malaise that had become his life and a distraction of what could’ve been had he not found passion in the pen. He came up listening to the likes of Nas and Mobb Deep and developed his style from his life and observations, but wants those still in the street to learn that there’s more than just the fast money and other perks, so he comes full-throttle with street knowledge and experience. He’s released five full-length projects since 2008 and in the last two years, has seen his star on the rise, gracing the pages of magazines and rocking

stages with his brand of underground street Hip-Hop.

His most recent mixtape, M.V.H. (Most Valuable Hustler) is available on DatPiff.com and he can be found on Twitter (@custo7) and via his two websites, www.custo7.com and www.academicstreethuslter.com. Not bad for a cat from a small section in a small

state, Custo truly puts on for his city…