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Your Fave '70's Soul/R'n'B Artistes...

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First off... RIP to the ORIGINATOR - James Brown

Emphasis on the 1970's (the '60's were clogged up with too much doo 🤬 )...

I think this is the decade that had the best music of this genre... as you can tell from the numerous sampled songs on rotation over the last couple of years... Blaxploitation movies come to mind too

As you may have discovered through my alias, I'm a massive fan of the late J Dilla... IMO the best at sampling soul classics

I think Marvin Gaye dropped the undeniable classic of that era with What's Going On... I also dig the Isley Bros., Stevie Wonder, Eddie Kendricks, Randy Crawford, Isaac Hayes, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Gil Scott-Heron, Roy Ayers, Al Green... to name a few

Here's some of my all time fave joints of this era...