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TRex Productions Presents: "Terrorist Rap"

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TRex production is an independent label based out of Oakland California who represents a variety of artist around the U.S. The project “Terrorist Rap” is a compilation of singles from artists: Soulja C, Mac Reem, Math Hoffa, Smiley Locz, Young Rebz, The Foster Twins, James Mozrok, J Glaze, and Kurupt's upcoming album.
Their up and coming CD entitled "Terrorist Rap" is going to be used as a political statement. In today's society, ordinary people are being penalized for views that differ from the government, and at this rate, the government will be able to enforce Martial Law. The goal is to show how the government quickly labels people as ‘terrorist’ because of their religion,the way they act, dress, and etc. 114401015267982


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    T Rex Production is taking it to the next level with terrorist rap for real...the producer is J Glaze though, not J Blaze!
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