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Do you think Aaron McGrueder went too far or was accurate



  • nic-teezie
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    best episode this season
  • Cake4real
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    Idk. it reallly wasnt hard to tell for me.. idk why many ppl were confused

    that's good
  • Topps
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    dnyce215 wrote: »
    And how uncle ruckus wanted to be accepted by whites so badly, they could not get past his skin color, and no matter how much he acted white and showed hate he had for black people, in the end he was still black


    That was the exact message of this episode.

    It funny how people did not get this message of the episode.
  • DarcSkies777
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    s2jepeka wrote: »
    The show was hilarious.

    But, and mind you im 27 and my comedic/social commentary radar is high, but there was NO message. Miss me with that 🤬 , I repeat, there was NO MESSAGE.

    Yes, it was. No matter how "conservative" you are. No matter how much you try to impress crackers and down your own people to gets ome kind of white acceptance....to whites; you'll always just be a Ni99er to them.

    The message was clear.
  • bdbdbd
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    on a sidenote, lol at rileys 3 seconds of screen time, where he calls grandpa "🤬 " freeman 🤬 because he ,isses uncle Ruckus - no relation
    oh and lol at people saying "i dnt get how people dont get the message" yet im seeing like 3 different explanations...anyway i think The Lonious Monk hit the nanil on le head
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  • Hip-Hop One
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    It was funny how in the end, Jimmy Rebel (America) got tired with being racist towards "🤬 " and moved on to "🤬 " which is more relevant right now than ever.
  • young chad
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    I remember in like 2001, the city in the south where I moved to..had this KKK rally, and at the Rally they were like, "we're ok with you blacks and what not, we realize you're not goin anywhere, but we need to get the spics outta here right gawt dayum now"....

    That's exactly how the Episode ended...it's like (coupled with Uncle Rukus trying to be accepted by someone who doesn't like him because of his skin like Kanye said "you still a 🤬 in a coupe".) It's like, black folks are like.."thank you Mr Whitey for letting me in, now I'll go ahead and join forces with you to hate other folks, the same way you hated me, even though I know how it feels"..and that's 🤬 up (imo)