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This track goes to all those who can't stop in Hip Hop

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Gotta face this Question ''Is rap music gonna take me somewhere in life? at this point and also further stages of my life well my answer is - I can't stop check out my new track "Can't Stop" exclusively on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/ibexclusive/cant-stop and drop your valuable feeds

Hey do you really think this rap music is gonna take you somewhere in life?
am telling you stop wasting u'r time, just stop it dude

uh uh
I can't stop like menopause in this game
I won't stop you can hit pause just to make
sense of my punchlines it requires you
to stay on guard I hit hard where it hurts the most

Can't stop I gotta dodge everyday
I won't stop till my heart stops to beat
won't ressurect but will live immortal carry forward my tracks when am gone

Verse 1:
On top of the buildin so many stories like life is a fairytale
with no THE END coz death is a sequel only revealed
to those resting in peace, am restin in sleep
fulfillin my dreams not investin in beats download it for free
then I add value make it precious so priceless
only competition is time who I fight with
Got the device to use the N-word
coz u know viniger tastes bitter epithet
that will make many people upset coz I said
the word that is taboo others do not have to use abuse like faux pas in hip hop
now nothing can stop me like station of the cross see
even if I fall I gotta get up and go hard
stigma scars redemption reward
Break failure am on a high way to hell
even if I try not to commit a sin
I end up dyin in the ocean of sins
I pray to 🤬 thats my only defence against
the worlds cancer hardest circumstances
makin things advance for a common man
lyrics so ill no birth control pills can stop my flow by now u should know


Verse 2:
carry on like couples that miss each other
I'll be long gone but history is keepin records
awfully torn treat the heart like a paper
turn it on get the volume 808 tune
Political connects party don't stop are rules meant for all?
even after 10 0'Clock music blast no cop to take action
thats why I go against the law count my infractions
Imma fiend yeah I need to rap freedom of speech
with addiction if restriced to this form of self expression
no rehabilitation to cure the withdrawal symptoms
(A)cquired (I)llest (D)eleterious (S)🤬
got the illness to reach terminal point
the heat to make it boil
Life with no guarantee till warranty is void
no seed beneath the soil the pockets of unemployed
easy money seems to be not a bad choice but definately
a bad decision with good intention to break rules will heaven
charge octroi for such goods?
I pay the price for the things that
"I do"
in lieu of this nuptial vow I'll leave you spellbound yeah holy cow
you know am breakin it down like Bboys in BOTY
some with no legs damn thats how I get inspired

can't stop like numbers got no end
won't stop now that I am on a mission to spread Hip Hop
I drop tracks use rap as a vector
Seek knowledge & wisdom
the crown & the secpter
deep cuts the bleedin won't stop
I got the Trinity
The Body Soul and Beat that drops
to heal broken dream and fill empty hearts
trials or rivals I just cannot stop


Cover art:
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