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Underground Hitz Vol. 7- Faros-T Vs. Sharoyce Antwan (2011)

Sharoyceantwan Members Posts: 48
edited November 2011 in Roc Tha Mic
I havent been in the booth in like... since June or something like that. I decided to just put together a mixtape of all of my material i recorded and whatever. I just realized that i put the same song on here twice. I only got two of my songs on this 🤬 that are actually unreleased.


1.Sharoyce Antwan- L!ve (🤬 by Trakk Soundz)
2.- FaRos-T- Change Dha Game
3.Sharoyce Antwan- G.R.I.N.D. (One More Chance Freestyle)
4.- FaRos-T- Diamonds On My Feet
5.Sharoyce Antwan- Ask Fo (🤬 . by Quietstorm Beatz)
6.- FaRos-T- Gurl You Stank
7.Sharoyce Antwan- Ask Fo (🤬 . by Quietstorm Beatz)
8.- FaRos-T- Pack My Pipe
9.Sharoyce Antwan- No Smiles (Smile Restyle)
11.- FaRos-T- You Aint Neva Will
12.Sharoyce - Art Of Random (Big Poppa Freestyle)
13.- FaRos-T- Straight G
14.Sharoyce Antwan- Write Em Down (🤬 . by Trakk Soundz)
15.Sharoyce Antwan- Hustle ENT (🤬 by DJ Da Beatman)
16.- FaRos-T- Straight G
17.Young Fresh- Pay Me Feat. Sharoyce [Explicit]
18.Sharoyce Antwan- C Port 🤬 (RIP Bugga)
19.FaRos-T- HateA TateA
20.Sharoyce Antwan- Bonnie and Clyde