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Waiting To Exhale OST... Appreciation

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This is one of my all time favourite R'n'B albums ever...

It was released in 1995 when the movie came out... I was a teen then and fell in love completely with the record since then

All the songs (bar one by Chaka Khan) on the record were written and produced by Babyface... he just gained extra respect with me for that alone (he won a Grammy award for Best Producer for this record)...

Face is a beast... and he showed it with this album... as you can see on the cover above, the different array of female singers... the cream of the crop at that time... going with the theme of the film

The sounds were different... Jazz, R'n'B, Soul, Blues...

Hell, I enjoyed the soundtrack than I did the film...

My fave song on the disc


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    My Funny Valentine, the version by Chaka is the jam. I like other tunes like Kissing You, Why Does It Hurt So Bad, but nothing truly beats that one song.